Breytenbachs Cross Border Advisory

Formal Exchange Control and Financial Emigration

Formal financial emigration or Excon Exit, however your wish to call the process, is complex and not advisable for all.

Many service providers focusing on formal emigration only, will encourage clients to formally emigrate. In fact their formal emigration services are sold as a free consultation.

The day, if it ever existed for free lunches, is long gone. Not only can you personally manage the formal emigration process, you can often legally avoid the cumbersome process

For certain clients, formal emigration is often the only option available for the cost of a telephone conference at a nominal fee. We will be able to analyse your position and suggest the best solution.

Where clients so elect, we will complete the entire formal emigration process on their behalf. The process will be explained to you in detail and once again we facilitate the free flow of funds. Your SA Rand will at all times remain under your own control.

Today “blocked accounts” are no longer equal to inaccessible funds. Blocked accounts should perhaps be known as monitored or surveillanced accounts. Need more information? Why not contact BCBA.