Breytenbachs Cross Border Advisory

Cross-Border and Local Tax Services

Breytenbach Cross Border Advisory (BCBA) and its associates provide clients with tax services in South Africa and the United Kingdom. The services are in process of expansion to include other full jurisdictions and Australia. For clients liable to tax payments or tax filing in South Africa, we provide a bespoke tax service.

Any client, wherever resident, owning any immovable property in South Africa, needs to consider their tax filing obligations in South Africa. In terms of most Double Tax Agreements (DTA or treaty), the South African government retained the first right to tax income from immovable property situated in the Republic of South Africa.

In fact any client in need of assistance on a tax treaty or DTA signed with South Africa, can approach BCBA for professional cross-border tax assistance. Tax Advise, tax compliance and exchange control issues can be dealt with by our team.

South Africans living abroad may be obliged to continue tax filing in South Africa, despite or even purely, because they are now a tax resident in another country.

SA Pensioners living abroad may be able to claim a full tax refund or even a PAYE exemption, provided they file tax returns elsewhere in the world. BCBA will be able to assist with this complex process. BCBA is able to assist clients with the following local or cross-border tax services.

  • Calculation and filing of Estate Duty & CGT returns.
  • Completion of annual tax returns for individuals, trust or corporate tax payers.
  • Provisional tax returns.
  • Monthly or bi-monthly tax returns such as payroll taxes (PAYE) value-added tax (VAT), UIF and Skills Development Levies (SDL).
  • ATR, ADR and other tax processes unique to the SARS system.
  • Tax Directives required by persons paying or receiving retirement fund benefits from a South African fund.
  • Tax Clearance certificates, Good Standing certificates and Tax Compliance letter. These are all different names for the various processes SARS follows to ensure your tax compliance is up to date before you are given permission to transact or transfer funds from SA.
  • Tax Registrations, tax updates and tax status reports
  • Income Tax Advice, which includes capital gains tax (CGT) and donations tax.
  • Advice on Estate Duty Donation Tax and other wealth transfer taxes.
  • Value added tax (VAT) on local transactions, imports and exports.

SARS has introduced a rather modern online tax filing system called e-Filing. ( Despite the online system, most tax compliance issues are best dealt with by someone present in South Africa. Where so required, we at BCBA will accept a specific, but limited SARS power of attorney. The SARS system does not allow us to manage or access client funds i.e. we facilitate a tax refund directly to either your SA or foreign bank account.