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Although service may be provided outside South Africa or using electronic media or platforms situated outside SA, all mandates are subject to an election and agreement to avail to the laws of South Africa and South Africa alone (contractual jurisdiction).Neither the currency of payment nor the location of the client, preferred service provider or associate may or will change the agreed jurisdiction away from South Africa. Where cross border advise is given the advice is given from a South African perspective and all clients are advised to have the advice given duly verified or commented on by a specialist resident in another jurisdiction such as current domicile, country of temporary residence or the jurisdiction within the client trade or invests. Any dispute be it on fees or advice given will be subject to South African law only. Clients acknowledged that they are aware of South Africa’s commitment to transparency and its stance on anti-money laundering activities. Accordingly we are obliged to collect information and report in terms of FICA ( South African Revenue Services ((SARS) and most South African financial service providers and FFI’s (as defined for FATCA) purposes are obliged to report all cross border activities in terms of the various automatic exchange of information *AEOI* Agreements signed with HMRC, IRS & OECD member countries.